Miscellaneous Insurance

Miscellaneous Insurance

The traditional definition of miscellaneous category in insurance was- covering everything other than fire and marine insurance. However with recognition of segments with sizeable premium shares like engineering insurance, motor insurance, health insurance and liability insurance etc. are treated as distinct categories.

All other policies covering property, human body, business interests are covered here.

Risks Covered

  • A property insurance policy may offer cover for is specific risk or all risks basis.
  • A policy covering human/animal body may offer cover for injury/death and allied to people/pets/cattle etc.
  • A business operations policy may cover  fidelity of the employees at the workplace.

Who can purchase this Insurance?

A sole proprietor, a business man, an industrialist- in brief anyone running a business involving interests in business property, health & welfare of workmen and employees & the financial integrity of employees can select a suitable policy.


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