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Envision an action that builds your adaptability, reinforces your muscles, focuses your musings, and unwinds and quiets you. Yoga does all that and then some! In this article, the concise history and the logic of yoga, the advantages, its benefits, how it solves health problems everything is described.What is Yoga?Yoga...

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How to strike a perfect life balance?

They rightly call it a “rat race”; a race that is meant to keep us competitive so that we are always at par, if not ahead of others. But, at what cost? Most people pay ‘work-life conflict’ as a price for this competition.What is work-life conflict?It is a condition where...

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How to decide the sum insured limit?

When you buy health insurance, you must remember that this sum insured is to be utilized in the future. Any treatment or surgery will be far more expensive on account of technology advancement and demand. If a heart surgery cost Rs 5 lakh today, it may cost Rs 20 lakh...

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