• Ocean of Knowledge
    • The in-depth knowledge on every aspect of insurance can be witnessed from our blogs, knowledge series, claim studies and product presentation.
    • We keep ourselves up to date with the market trends, new or updated policy clauses, regulatory body notices, new insurers etc.
  • Best in Industry Deals
    • We have tie-ups and share a great working relationship with the industry’s top insurers.
    • Our years of working together have enabled us to negotiate the best deals for you every time.
  • Seamless Systematic Portfolio Assessment
    • To offer the best solutions to our clients, we first thoroughly conduct an analysis of their businesses and process
    • Our risk and portfolio assessment include the following process and benefits:
    • Gap Analysis helps us to understand any gap or loopholes in the policy and scope for improvement
    • Standardisation of policies helps to achieve coverage benchmark as per insurance industry
    • Consolidation of policies not only saves time and cost but also helps in gaining maximum worth out of the policies
    • Physical risk audits and inspection assists in exposing hidden risks. This further helps in structuring the policies accordingly
  • Fast, Secure and Reliable

    We have a team of finance professionals who help our clients create and manage a sound Fixed Assets Register.

  • Exclusive Claim Assistance Programs
    • We offer free claim consultation and management on Retail Claims
    • We offer free consultation on Commercial Claims



Apr 17, 2021

Envision an action that builds your adaptability, rei...

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Apr 19, 2021
How to strike a perfect life balance?

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Jun 21, 2021
How to decide the sum insured limit?

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