Commercial General Liability Policy

Liability insurance offers protection against risk of getting sued for negligence, malpractice, injuries and damage to people and/or property. Liability insurance covers legal costs and payouts for which the insured party would be found liable.

Commercial General Liability Policy
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Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of their legal rights. It is important for corporates to secure themselves against claims which may put financial strain on the manufacturer/supplier.

The Policy can be taken by anyone having a physical property such as House, Commercial Property, Machines, any other assets for which they are liable for any third party bodily injury and property damage.

The policy jointly covers against legal liability for accidental death or bodily injury/ disease and/or loss to Third Party property and legal liability arising for manufacturing or supplying defective products. Legal costs are included in the indemnity limits.
Add ons under CGL Policy are as follows:
  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage
  • Personal & Advertising Injury
  • Medical Payment
  • AOG Peril Liability Extension
  • Travel of Executives worldwide for non manual work
  • Lift/Escalator Liability Extension
  • 72 hrs sudden and pollution extension
  • Tenant Legal Liability
  • Transportation Liability
  • Food & Beverage extension
Limit of Liability should be decided on the basis of Turnover of the Business, Employee strength, Industry Benchmarking etc.
Main exclusions under this policy are:
  • Contractual Liability
  • Employer liability
  • Pollution Liability
  • Automobile, Aircraft or Watercraft
  • Professional Liability
  • Cyber liability
  • Radioactive contamination
  • War and related perils


Retroactive Date should be in continuation and limit of indemnity need to be clearly mentioned

  • Retroactive Date should be in continuation as in claims-made policies, it determines how far back in time an incident can occur for your policy to still protect you.
  • Limit of Indemnity is the maximum liability of Insurance contract and it should be clearly mentioned.

Notification of any incident which can lead to potential claim should be immediately notified to the insurance company

  • Any Potential Claim should be immediately notified to avoid any ambiguity at the time of claim.

AOA:AOY should always be 1:1

  • AOA:AOY should always be 1:1 so that for any particular incident the limit is the highest possible as per the policy.

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  • Is Product Liability Covered under Commercial General Liability Policy?
    Yes, Product Liability is an optional cover under CGL Policy.
  • Is Product Recall Liability Covered under Commercial General Liability Policy?
    Yes, Product Recall Liability is an optional cover under CGL Policy but depends upon the underwriting priciple of insurer whether they can offer it or not.
  • What are the extension under CGL Policy?
    Extension under CGL Policy is as follows:
    • Medical Expenses Coverage
    • Products-completed operations vulnerability
    • Sudden & Accidental Pollution Liability
    • Coverage for extra insured when required by written contracts.
    • Damage to premises rented to you
    • Personal Injury Liability and Advertising Injury Coverage
    • Oral and written contractual Liability : Property damage/Bodily Injury
    • Vendors Endorsement
  • What is the geographical scope of CGL Policy?
    CGL Liability insurance offers geographical coverage depending upon your scope of your business operation and setup. As per your physical presence you can choose from India only cover or Worldwide (excl. US & Canada) or Worldwide cover. You can also customize the jurisdiction as per the scope of your business. During the buying process our product experts will help you in deciding the right geography and jurisdiction.
  • What is CGL Insurance?
    Standard CGL Policy covers against liability claims arising due to bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) during operations, product liability, advertising and personal injury (PI).
  • Is there any compulsion to take product liability portion under CGL Policy?
    No, it is not compulsory to take product liability cover under CGL Insurance.
  • What medical payments are covered by a CGL policy?
    Coverage for medical payments includes payments for injuries sustained by members of the general public caused by an accident that takes place on the insured’s premises or when exposed to the insured’s business operations. Injuries must be reported within one year of the accident. Medical payments coverage can be triggered without legal action from a third party.
  • What are the major exclusion under CGL Policy?
    Major exclusions under commercial general liability insurance policy is as follows:
    • Contractual Liability
    • Worker’s Compensation and similar laws
    • Professional Liability
    • Damage to your product if Product liability extension is not opted
    • Damage to your work
    • Aircraft, Auto or Watercraft
    • Electronic data
    • Expected or intended injury
    • Pollution

Claim Case Study - 1


A heavy tank full of water fell on the person passing on the road.


The tank was not mounted and fixed properly due to which it fell on the head which caused severe injury on the head. Since it was the responsibility of the owner hence the entire liability fell on the owner.


Third party death, disability, injury and even third party property damage is covered in a motor policy. For third party risk caused by any other reason a Public Liability policy is must.


Liability policy should always be a part of corporates Insurance portfolio.

Claim Case Study - 2


A Customer who goes to a restaurant with his family for a dinner slips on the wet floor of the restaurant and fractured his leg. There was no signage of " WET FLOOR BE CAUTION".


Customer claimed compensation form the restaurant on the ground that the duty of care was missing from the restaurant.


It was a chain of restaurant, a liability policy was taken by the corporate office. The claim made by the customer was paid from the liability policy.


All sign of CAUTION must be mentioned in the premises so that such claim can be avoided.



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