External Removal of Debris

1. Debris & its removal- relevance

Debris in simple terms means the waste material of a building/ machinery etc, which has resulted from an accident. It is easy to understand that unless this is removed from the site of accident, no repair/ replacement work can be undertaken.

Another aspect that needs to be understood is – debris may result from accident to a property insured ( ie. debris OF the insured property) or it may be otherwise eg. in a flash flood in hills- lot of upstream stones etc. may get accumulated in addition to the debris of the property damaged.

The policies in general cover only debris of the Insured property

2. Debris removal in Fire insurance

In a Standard Fire & Special Perils policy, debris removal is an inbuilt feature of the policy. The policy provides a cover for value that is 1% of claim amount for purposes of Debris removal.

However a higher percentage can be opted for on payment of additional premium.

3. Debris removal in IAR policy

The common clause wording is:

“This policy covers the necessary expense for removal of debris of insured property from the described premises as a result of physical loss destruction or damage insured against under this policy. The Company’s total liability for debris removal is limited to amount specifically entered in the schedule”

Thus it can be seen that the cover offered here is for

  • Debris of Insured property only,
  • Cover value can be chosen by the Insured & premium paid on that value

4. Who should opt for this cover

Every Insured who has chosen this policy should opt for Debris removal. An appropriate amount, based on experience should be chosen.

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